On Living and Life

Hallo Hallo my lovelies! Lil Ems has finally started school even if its just for two days a week at Pre school. I’m not sure I can ‘handle’ all this time to myself. Last week I literally binge watched shows on Netflix and before I knew it the bird was back in her nest and the husband was perplexed at the state of the kitchen and the house in general and asked ‘What were you doing here all day?!” Well, I just scratched my head and looked back at him with the same clueless expression.

Has it happened to you – when you badly anticipate for something to happen and finally when that day of freedom arrives, its over before you know it and you have nothing to show for it?

So anywho, today is yet another school day and I decided to do something constructive – update my poor neglected baby blog, take a walk/ go to the gym, read, do some crochet and tidy up and vacuum the house.

Last week after the husband and I saw lil Ems off at school we hung around downtown at the City Library where I saw this quote


There are debates as to whether the quote was actually by Anton Chekhov – but, thats beside the point. It’s the quote by itself that ‘caught’ my attention. The thrill of getting through a crisis and recounting the incident and looking back at the lessons learnt can be to a certain extend invigorating but the complacency and the monotony of day to day life can be such a drag.

I think it’s time I took up a challenge…Lose 10 pounds soon, whip up a couple of new crochet projects, finish one book a day and write a review on here? ….Nice to see I have options.

Let me get back to conquering my day…Take care my dears!


His family had been searching for him for weeks.Hoping, praying that he was safe. Seven families had already bid their loved one adieu. His father hoped he wouldn’t be among those numbers; that he wouldn’t have to bury his son.

I sat there feeling sad and anxious…trying to imagine the pain and the agony of uncertainty what do you do but yearn for their presence when you are missing a loved one…Wish that you knew a spell and with a swish of a wand they appear!

Breaking news! they found him…but…not all of him – his soul had long departed.

This person was no one I knew. We were neither related nor at any point in life acquainted but someone inside me was crying…weeping copious tears, wailing the loss of a stranger, extending her arms to embrace his kin by way of  comfort.

I watched the unfortunate turn of events and my eyes began tearing up. But soon it was not just my overwhelming emotions that were causing my tear ducts to overflow…The television screen was no longer clear and the room I was in had turned foggy. An acrid smell of grease burning overpowered me and the sharp shrill of the fire alarm beeping rang through the house…

Schooners debris pile.jpg (1200×1280)
Image courtesy: http://www.americanheritagepens.com

The Nightly Stalker

Her tiny little fingers

dug deep into

her mothers arms

Soft tender pressure

through layers of

thick clothing

“We are being followed” she whispered

Her face now half buried

in her mothers hip

her pace had quickened

and her eyes darted

in distress

“Who my darling, 

or What is following us?”

asked the mother sensing,

her daughter’s fear-

so innocuous and pure

Lifting her beautiful round face

– such perfect resemblance

to her mother’s own,

She said –

“Mother, we are being followed

by the Moon.”

mother-daughter-walking-sunflowers-field-night-sky-full-stars-42402539.jpg (352×160)

Monday Rambles – Beat the Emotional Funk with I.W.R

So its time for my Monday rambles..I missed rambling monday last week not because I did’nt have anything to write about, but more because I was in what you’d  call an ‘Emotional Funk’.

Well, you know times when you just feel disconnected and listless and when nothing excites and motivates you to get out of your Pajamas and you end up looking like a mop. I used to think of it as a spell of ‘Chronic Laziness’ but now I understand its just a phase where you lose your ‘Passion’ for that Special V.V.I.P – You! 

I decided I had to beat the ‘E. F’ with the ‘I.W.R’ and fall in love with myself once more..

I for IDENTIFY The first step to solving virtually every problem on the planet and specially in this particular situation is to – IDENTIFY that you are in an emotional funk and not always being influenced by hormones or any paranormal power that is from universes far away controlling your brain.

h86C0C467 (480×480)

W for WORK The second step is to WORK your way out of it. I know I used the dreaded four letter word but I’m in no mood to sugar coat this Monday morning. Yes guys, life is all about work – making an effort and having fun as much as you can while doing it.

You work at your job, your home, on your relationships..sometimes you forget or shall I say, neglect  working on yourself.

So I made the effort to declutter my house, vacuum, throw the trash and finally light some scented candles and run a nice warm bath…An hour of deep pore exfoliating and trust me, I could feel a burden lift off my forehead.

woman_bath_729-420x0.jpg (420×310)

R for REVITALISE  After I and W you are already feeling a lot better. Next,  you engage in activities outdoors like going for a walk in the park or simply around your neighborhood or the gym or, you stay indoors- writing or painting or just creating something and you feel joy and contentment once again in life.. Ah! Alls well.

I had fun making some matching bracelets for Em and me..Lets spread the happiness.. 🙂


I hope you guys have a great week!