My dear

My dear,

I’ve always wanted to tell you this, but for want of words – you know I have never been good with them- I have chosen to just be quiet and ignore the white elephant in the room. The problems we faced, I hoped it would go away…if you never spoke about it, it would just disappear. Well, it never did and it grew like a tiny ball of snow rolling downhill into a giant snowball – making the rift between us that much more wider.

My dear, I love you and I always will. I know you know this but I guess you deserve better. I just read somewhere that sometimes love is not in possession but in letting go…like a rose bud once plucked ceases to bloom so will you be – the beautiful rose that you were meant to be…your fragrance and beauty to be admired and enjoyed by those more deserving.

My dear, do not hate me for not knowing how to express myself. It is like a handicap -an emotional one I’ve lived with from years of abuse and a debilitating shyness. I hope to overcome this someday so that I do not lose someone so beautiful and vivacious as you from my life again. You brought music to my dreary world…and even though it seemed like I didn’t enjoy it, even as I sat at my desk ‘working’ my soul danced and celebrated –  enthralled by the beats and the fervor of the jazz you loved so much.

My dear, I hope you find happiness and love and peace forever.




The Wedding

The bride in darkness hunched up,

sobbing into the fabric,

sopping up her tears,

salty and dense with,

makeup dissolved.

Scent of trampled flowers

and fear still fresh in the air,

The corpse of her groom

lay cold under the earth,

tightly held by mother nature’s

deep embrace,

gaping wound -hate slashes

across his chest and neck.

The bride sat upright,

no longer hunched up;

blood stains of her love-

abstract modern art,

on a canvas of silk and lace,

a madman’s creation-

soceity’s abomination

for finding love outside

her community.


Wrapping Up Christmas – Guest Post Cecilia Sefa of Mum C Writes!

Wrapping up my Christmas series comes the last and final guest blog by blogger Cecilia Sefa of  Mum C Writes. I’m sure many of you may already be following this talented and beautiful lady. I love how she plays with words and strings them together to draw this beautiful picture of sublime emotions through her poems. I thank her for kindly obliging me with her lovely poem. Thank you!
THE HOPE by Cecilia Sefa
There is a sound
I happily found
The sound of Christ
In a baby’s form and sight
There is a light
I happily saw bright
The light of Christ
In a star-sent sight
There is a hope
Of an all time pope
It is the hope of Christ
In a parcelled pain
I have gained
You have gained
We have all gained
The Christ and we shall maintain


From under my shroud

of silence I  hear a –

mellifluous choir playing

slow, mellow notes

That warm my heart,

Tears evaporate,

Reverberate my soul.

A love song!

I fail to catch –

The words at first,

The melody –

Tore at the center –

The pall –

Formerly deemed impervious;

Camouflaging my maladies –

‘Twas a Hymn sung by

The Angelic minstrelsy.


christmasmusic2.jpg (220×203)




Arms, so strong, they embrace you tight and

deep in the throes of making love –

and murders.

Mind, that conjures up romances so,

fantastic they are ageless –

and conspires.

Feet, that rush to achieve,

prosperity of infinite proportions –

and tortures.

Skin, that heightens,

sensations of lust –

and pain.

I am your Lover,

and yet, despise you-

O Paradigm of Paradox.

angel135.jpg (450×636)

Song of a soul in bondage

Your words pierce my soul..

I writhe and twist to break free from the bonds,

that tie me down- that stifle and suffocate,

I choke and struggle; my voice,

I have lost. Like a ripple,

I grew and lost myself in the ocean.

Set me free

To find my heaven where I can sing again,

and speak in tongues.

Let me find Eden before the first sin –

My paradise of eternal bliss,

Let me rejoice and be free again..

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