Birthdays – noone youer than you.

Mondays I guess I should dedicate to my rambles…Its the start of the new week you are just recovering from the hangover of a weekend so swiftly gone by and recouping for the challenges of the new week. So no taxing the brain just some regular chit -chat..

Last weekend was special since Friday was my Birthday

img-1661897-1-kepa-yay-flags.jpg (600×397)

I had intended for a birthday post however, I got very busy and that did not happen..As they say its never too late to write a birthday post. Noones said that before?!!

Sure birthdays are all about getting a year older and if you want to be a grumpy grinch about it..sure you can but I dont intend to be one..Birthdays are joyous occassions Its the day to celebrate ..In the words of a woman I admire, Oprah Winfrey, “The more you praise and celebrate in your life the more you have to celebrate.”..So true isnt it?

The day was made specially special by all my dear friends and family and their wishes..its the thought that counts. I dont need the flowers or the gifts the point is you remembered( with the help of Facebook or not) and picked up the phone to call or your laptop to type out that message and that is the most special thing and the best birthday gift you could give me…See how low maintenance I am.

From my husband on the other hand I expect flowers, chocolates the whole shebang (not so low maintenance now am I?) and does he deliver on all the above ..Nope! and he rarely disappoints.

Which makes me ask these very important questions to all my dear lady friends who may be reading this…

Why are some men like this?..

Would’nt it be nice to wake up to flowers and birthday cake on our birthday ladies? or is it just me?

Okay so thought maybe I shouldnt just let this go this time as the key to any good relationship is communication..

I asked him and he said…he said…wait for it………….”I thought you were on a diet.”

Well…who diets on their BIRTHDAY!!

Jokes apart he did take me out for dinner.We went out to The Cheesecake Factory and I pigged out on a huge plate of Shepherd’s pie..Yes thats huge..and I couldnt finish it..Guess Im not that big a pig afterall.. 🙂

shepherds pie

This birthday was even more special to me since I was starting a brand new decade of my life..Yes..I turned twenty !

3987976-335689-surprised-woman.jpg (480×319)

I was just kidding..Whhaaat you already knew I was lying! guys! To make myself feel a lil special I went out and got a haircut ..It was long overdue as you would notice from the photo below.. here are the hair headshots before and after..nothing drastic just a couple of layers…


So all in all it was a quite birthday but a special one and I wished myself borrowing  words from the great Dr. Seuss

Today you are you!

Thats truer than true

Theres no one alive

who is youer than you!