Greetings one and all! It’s New Years Eve here and maybe already New Year in some parts of the globe so HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 to all my fellow bloggers!

I saw my Aunt had posted on her Facebook page that, the results of an online survey, in the New Year she could look forward to – ‘More muscles’, great love, career advancements and lots of travels. Everyone in the family had a good laugh…Who writes these online questionnaires anyway?!!

My mum just sent me a New Years wish


Looking back at 2015, I say it surely wasn’t one of the most stellar years of my life. Definitely one of those so – so years where I’ve achieved nothing ‘ground breaking’ nor experienced anything ‘earth shattering’ …To condense 365 days in a nutshell I would call it – a year of ‘certain uncertainties’, lags and difficult decisions.

In 2015, I was actively involved in the lives of friends in my real life and less in my virtual world.

Smidgens of wisdom from 2015 –

  1. EI is important!! Always maintain Emotional Integrity in relationships. I’m sure we all have those moments where you feel like you were dropped into that awkward social environment where you know being friends with a person is not conducive in the long run, but you thwart your inner ‘ESPN’ (I hear you Karen of Mean Girls.. :D) and carry on anyways…Word of advise – DON’T
  2.  Regrouping is important!! Be mindful of your goals and direction in life. Take time off in your day to regroup. People and places throw you off track but as Tina would say, when its time to shut down –
  3. KISS Always!! Keep it Simple Silly!You think you’d like to take over the world and do it all and be nice to everyone…you buy stuff you do and don’t need, when what you should actually be doing is- just say a few words of gratitude to all people and things for the good and bad lessons learnt and let go! I think we all need some Marie Kondo in our lives

I have a huge announcement. The New Year I will be moving from the U.S back to India. I don’t know if you all knew but we were here because of my husbands work assignment and it has sadly come to an end and we fly back around February 2016…So here’s to New beginnings!

Happy New Year everyone!




Alter Ego

Cicero in ancient Rome coined the term ‘Alter Ego’ refering to – ‘another self or a most trusted friend’..The thought just came up today morning as I was making myself a cup of green tea…Im not sure how many SAHM (Stay At Home Moms) who used to be former career women would agree with me but it almost feels like the past – all those mornings where you used to jump out of bed, rush through your morning ablutions, chug your morning tea, bite your morning toast to catch your morning bus to office to meet your boss with her morning smile (or sometimes lack of it), all those afternoon laughs over afternoon lunch and the afternoon work heap, the mid evening tea, and wrap up and the journey back home to evening dinner, T.V late night prayer and finally sweet sweet slumber all seem like a dream a dream where sometimes I felt like a lab rat running a wheel but sometimes a lovely escape from dealing with time..patient yet fleeting time……

Things are different now..God knows the number of times mums have vented about their schedules at length..Im not going into all that the pains and joys of child rearing..but you know what Id like to call on her my Alter ego once in a while..just meet her face to face, just say hi..maybe chat a while with her in the middle of her mid evening tea..exchange stories and have some laughs..would be fun… 🙂

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