Even if everything goes well, why do we seek out the chaos and invite it into our life? Is drama necessary to live?

Thoughts #2

Would you pick up a wrapper lying on the ground even if you knew it once clung neatly to your favorite chocolate bar? Would the memory and the taste of the chocolate, make you want to pick up that torn and dusty chocolate wrapper? Why then would you not want to reclaim your inner beauty ? Why would you give up and settle for being second best? Be your radiant, fullest self and not the dusty way side wrapper.


I stepped out into

the scorching sun,

and set into motion,

equations and algorithms-

of life and purpose;

having aims and goals,

and not many distractions;

will power is not easy,

more to do with sacrifice

and for sacrifice,

you need determination, perhaps-

a dose of an alchemist’s potion?

So as the cogs of my mind rolled,

my feet moved involuntarily,

a smaller creature tugged,

on my one arm,

her tiny steps,

following me,

I couldn’t let her on.

selfishness had its limitations,

and selflessness no bounds.

If you feel this poem is tedious,

I offer my apologies,

exposing such a cross section…

the workings of my mind

I end this here

praying for order,

I end this here

no more on the border.

Love is Bullet points.

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  • Love is a dopamine rush.
  • Love is the opposite of fear.
  • Love is the place, the person, the hobby that frees you, elevates you and makes you feel sane.
  • Love is not abstract or undefined.It is something you can sense and feel, have no doubts about it.
  • Love is confused with desire, but desire need not be love because the aftermath of desire could be selfishness and insensitivity.
  • Love is to give.
  • Love is acceptance and encouragement.
  • Love does not forget, ignore, isolate or push you to desperation
  • Love expects nothing in return.
  • Love is ……….

The list could go on or end right there. So much literature on love! But, do you have a personal list of what you’ve felt love is from your own life experiences?

I’m sure that even though Love is such a universal theme (and a highly commercialised one at that! ) we have all experienced it in different ways in different circumstances.

Many are confused by love to the extend of expecting others to teach them what it is.There is no wrong way in love and I believe we should all hold our personal notes of what love is close to us so that at no point do we end up shortchanged in relationships and life.


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D is for Depression

Dashing, he lures you to his lair

Drowsy, sapped of energy you are lulled into sleep

Demonic, he preys on your thoughts

Devilishly, he plants the seeds of woe

Debilitating, is the feeling you wake up to

Damned, you call yourself

Distant, infinitely so, is love and the world to you

Death, thoughts of it creeps in – takes over

Depression, a lowly, dubious mind monster.

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